Tuesday, July 18, 2006

nikak: Working online without distractions

nikak: Working online without distractions:
"Many of us do a lot of work in our browser window. But we also tend to use the same browser window for entertaintment. Sometimes things like YouTube, Google Video, Bloglines and Digg get in the way of work because we spend way to much time reading about the cool new gadgets that just came out.

The solution to this problem is actually very simple. If you use Firefox there is a little known feature included that allows you to have multiple profiles. A profile is a browser instance with it's own settings, bookmarks, history and etc. When you're opeining Firefox for the first time you're actually using a 'default' profile."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Orgnize your day

I saw a very good article from newsletter of "Get Organized", but I could not find it on the website. So here is the article:
Organize Your Day

These 5 simple rules of thumb will help you get through
your day in an organized and productive manner.

1. Start the night before. Make a list of the things you
have to do tomorrow, the evening before. Prioritize and
organize each item in the sequence that it should be
accomplished. Consolidate similar tasks together. When you
wake up in the morning, you'll have a clear-cut guide
detailing everything that must be done.

2. Watch out for diversions. Very often, a schedule gets
thrown off track due to distractions, such as unexpected
visitors or unscheduled phone calls. If you find that you
constantly get off track, get a watch with a timer and set
it so it goes off every 30 minutes. Every time it sounds,
be sure you're working on what you originally said you
would. If you're not, stop what you're doing and get back
on schedule. Most distractions are not emergency

3. Call before you leave. If you have an appointment
during the day, always call to confirm before you leave
your home or office. This will ensure that the person
you're meeting did not forget about the appointment. Also,
if there is going to be a long waiting time, perhaps you
can do something else first, before you leave.

4. Check it off. Every time you finish something, cross it
off your To Do List. This will give you a sense of
accomplishment throughout the day and allow you to easily
see what's still left.

5. Do a final check. At the end of the day, take a look at
your list. How many items were you able to accomplish? Are
there only 1-2 things left undone, or many? If there were
just a few undone, simply move them to tomorrow's To Do
List. If there were many undone, and you worked diligently
on everything all day, then you probably had too many
things on your list to begin with. Re-think how much you
can possibly do in a given day. Remember, you only have 24
hours, and you should be using a third of those hours to

Mother Tongue Annoyances » How to Handle Tough Questions from an Audience

Great article on answering questions

The techniques I have for you in terms of constructively handling 'stumper' questions involve four key actions:

* Rephrasing the question
* Redirecting the question to the audience/class
* Admitting your ignorance
* Finding a solution"

To dodge a 'stumper' question from an audience member or a student.... you should (1) change the subject; (2) stall for time; and/or (3) intimidate the questioner