Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Seven Sins to Avoid with Your Next Public Speaking Engagement

Michael Bernhardt - Seven Sins to Avoid with Your Next Public Speaking Engagement

"1) Making Assumptions

While assuming your audience grasps the significance of what youâre saying is an innocent mistake, itâs one of the most deadly. Often speakers launch into an oration about their topic thinking listeners are not only comprehending what theyâre saying, but share the same gusto for the subject. If you donât establish from the get-go why a topic is germane to the listener or their industry, what you say for the remainder of your speech will have little impact and certainly do little to hold anyoneâs interest.

For this reason, you may want to start with a question that not only engages the audience, but gives you an idea of peopleâs interest and experience level. Ask attendees to raise their hand in response to the question. If only a handful of people participate, you can quickly backpedal and provide an overview of your topic along with a summary of its importance to the listeners before launching into your planned presentation.

Even if you never reach what you feel is the most significant part of your speech, at least, you provided your listeners with information that matched their experience level. Remember, the key objective of giving a speech is to relate to your audience by educating, providing a perspective on an issue or to a degree, simply entertaining."
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