Saturday, May 13, 2006

Personal Productivity Blog : Training Yourself to Work at Home - ( Small Business Blog Center )

Personal Productivity Blog has an article on " Training Yourself to Work at Home " - ( Small Business Blog Center ). It is really worth reading.

"Problem: Too much time spent surfing.

Solution: Try two browsers. My friend is an avid internet user and finds watching videos on YouTube far more addictive than preparing an expense report. He needs to use the internet for research and communication, but every time he opens up his browser, he heads to his favorite fun sites instead. I suggested that he use two different browsers. He uses Firefox normally, so he should keep that one for personal surfing. He should then use Internet Explorer for his business surfing. His business browser won’t have any of the bookmarks that his personal browser will, so he won’t be as tempted. By separating the two uses, he can more easily discipline himself to work when he needs to work and play when he has the time. It’s not foolproof, but you need some self discipline to work at home. This just decreases how much you need.

Problem: Likes listening to loud music during work time

Solution: Listen to it if it helps you work. One of the joys of working at home is that you can create the environment that works best for you. At the office you often have to work in relative silence out of respect for the people around you. At home you just have to respect yourself......"

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