Monday, May 08, 2006

­­Hack MSN Spaces: Secondary Link Title

­­Hack MSN Spaces: Secondary Link Title: "econdary Link Title

Button usage is required. Click here if you do not know how to.

This Tutorial Will help you Create a Link with a Secondary title.

That is, When some one hovers or leaves their Mouse Pointer over the Link, It will Display something of your Choice.

For E.g. d3v [Leave your mouse Hovering above this link]

For this I used the Following Code :


* The part in Orange is Where Your Space Address will go.
* The part in Green is what you want as your Secondary Title
* The part in Blue is What the name of the Link will be

the link name

Make sure its between the ' ' .

After you make the Code, Paste it after click on the button. Click on the Button again to come out of the HMTL editing mode.



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